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Application Process

1. Parents Submit Application Form

Please complete the PDF Fillable Form and return a digital copy via email to and forward the Pastoral Recommendation Form to their pastor. After we receive the application and the pastoral recommendation, if we have availability, we will invite you to continue the enrollment process


Once the application, student records, application fee, and pastoral recommendation have been received at PCC, the application will be reviewed by our Academic Enrollment Committee. If the application is approved, the parents will be notified with an invitation to interview with the Headmaster and Dean. 

3. Parent and Student Interview

At the interview (which generally takes 60 – 90 minutes) we will discuss your application and seek to get to know the family and student both academically and spiritually. Student behavior, academic interest, and compatibility with our culture will be observed with care. This will include a discussion of academic placement/potential course selection.

4. Student Acceptance

After the interview, PCC staff will contact the parents to inform them whether the student has been accepted. If accepted, they will receive an enrollment agreement to sign and return along with the $250 enrollment fee. PCC staff sign the enrollment agreement, and the student’s admission will be confirmed and held until the June deadline for tuition (according to the various payment options). 

5. Placement

PCC has the final say in a student's course placement. Administrators and teachers will take parental preferences into careful consideration, coupled with evidence provided by other methods, such as entrance testing, and an understanding of the PCC academic culture. 


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Tuition and Fees

Central and North Brevard Base Tuition (2024-25)

K - 2nd: $2,700

3rd - 6th: $3,700

7th - 12th: $4,700


*Multi-student discounts available


Additional Fees:

Application Fee: $150/student – non-refundable 

Enrollment Fee:  $250/family


Payment Plans: 

One annual payment due on or before July 15th
Three equal payments due on or before the 15th of July, October, and January
Four equal payments due on or before the 15th of July, October, January and March

*Paying by credit card (3% fee added to invoice) Paying by Check (Electronic or physical no fee added)

***Late fee of $100 will be applied if payment is more that 30 days past due, 30+ days can result in additional actions. 



To determine if the student is a right fit for one of our programs, we have a mandatory interview process between the parent, the student, the Headmaster, and our dean of academics. During the interview we walk through our STATEMENT OF FAITH, as well as discuss what level the student will enter. We will also discuss our VISION, VALUES, AND MOTTO.

Pietas Classical is committed to excellence in everything we do, and we rely on the parents’ and the students’ feedback to achieve this end. As was stated earlier, this is a co-operative project, and together we can work towards cultivating wisdom and piety in our children.  

If you would like to begin the application process please DOWNLOAD THE APPLICATION


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